Apoteosys is the ERP business software that allows you to control the budget management of the different projects carried out by your entity. It is a robust and highly parameterizable administrative and financial solution, designed mainly for service companies in the public, financial, health and other sectors.

With this ERP you can:

✅ Control the people who access information.

✅ Integrate the system with the core business applications.

✅ Make unique transactions auditable by the user profile.

✅ Achieve system adaptation to different operating processes.

Management of accounting, treasury, private budget, fixed assets, contracts and security and inventories

Management of purchases and supplies, sales management and service billing.Leave us your information and receive a free consultation!For the control of budget execution focused on the government sector. For the flexibility for independent accounting management for trust funds and related businesses. It has tools for generating reports required by the financial superintendence.Open to integration via web services to the different business cores. It is a modular solution according to your needs. It is its own tool, therefore, it does not require the intervention of a third party to carry out updates and support activities.