Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool . With this CRM you will be able to automate tasks, integrate and support the management of the sales, marketing and customer service areas.

Accompany all the sales information and interactions with your customers in one place in an easy way in dynamic and customizable reports. At Heinsohn we are an official partner of Salesforce CRM.

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Offer your leads the information they need at every stage of their purchase. Create a personalized experience for each sales process. Increase productivity by automating complex business processes through artificial intelligence (AI).Make decisions faster by having all your customer information in one place and discover insights that allow you to determine the next step.Close more deals by understanding the strategies that are working best for each stage of the customer and focus your efforts on the most important activities.We build apps on a modern service platform with advanced Salesforce App Cloud tools. With the deployment of applications in Salesforce, quality attributes are naturally acquired that are highly costly to develop and maintain in a traditional scheme: security, large-scale performance and high availability.Highly productive transactional WEB applications. Native mobile apps in the different operating systems (Salesforce1). Marketplace available to market products (Appexchange).