Payroll Module in
SAP Business One

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100% web solution for the settlement of the payroll of your employees, with multiple accounting interfaces to any ERP, Power BI and self-management for employees in portals and mobile applications.

Automates manual processes in the cloud

It is a tool with 100% web technology, widely parameterizable, dynamic and flexible, which offers an easy, fast and secure payroll process. Effective for both the private and public sectors, complying with Colombian legislation (UGPP).

Accounting interface

Endorsed by the UGPP

Vacation module

Cost distribution

Self-management for employees

Information in Power BI dashboards

100% WEB solution

Alert generation

Compliance with electronic payroll

Heinsohn Payroll Features

Business Intelligence BI with interactive dashboards to visualize: vacation liabilities, absenteeism, plant and personnel turnover, level of studies and reasons for retirement. Control of the organizational structure graphically and in real time, facilitating the timely identification of vacancies.

Automation of labor contracts and visibility over all disciplinary processes.

Centralization of employee, contractor and applicant information with general, academic, employment and family data.

Access to virtual self-management portals between employees and area leaders for procedures, consultations, evaluation and process administration.

Acquisition modalities: Perpetual or fixed-term licensing, outsourcing and SaaS.

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