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Objectives and performance

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Business Intelligence Services

Payroll Outsourcing

Formal operation processes and trained personnel to support your methods of attention to collaborators, settlement of payments and the reliable delivery of information to third parties.

Outsourcing settlement of payroll and contractors

We carry out all the processes of settlement, auditing and execution of payroll payments for employees that companies require.

Outsourcing of administration and attention to collaborators

We understand the needs of collaborators, which is why our team constantly accompanies our clients.

Outsourcing of disability management and economic recognition

We created a management team so that each company can quickly and easily recover the disabilities of its collaborators.

Consulting and

We accompany organizations in initiatives focused on achieving “the right people”, “doing the right things”, “achieving the desired results”.

Occupational health and safety management

We created a strategic model that brings together the best professionals in the sector, to carry out the monitoring and planning of the corresponding actions in the safety and health of the workers of each company.

Workforce attraction, selection and planning

We focus our efforts on obtaining the best talent for companies, carrying out selection processes and all the talent management that organizations require.

Customer service and digital transformation

Our customers are the source of our transformation. Each proposed challenge is the fuel that drives us to grow and create new strategies.

Special human talent management processes

We focus our efforts on obtaining the best talent for companies, carrying out selection processes and all the talent management that organizations require.

Additional services

Flexibility models, accounting reconciliations, tax advice on withholding at source and legal advice regarding contracts, advice and audits in UGPP.


Get to know our modules and acquire them according to the needs of your company.

software de nomina heinsohn

payroll software

We have an intelligent payroll software for payroll payment and settlement.

Solucion pago a contratistas

Contractor payment solution

We are at the forefront. We face the new challenges of the market developing solutions according to the constant change of the world.

Seguridad y salud en el trabajo

Security and health at work

It allows the implementation, maintenance and control of the occupational health and safety management system.

software de gestion humana

Human management software

It allows the integral administration of the human resource of your organization.

Implementacion y consultoria SIGEP

Payroll and Human Resources Solutions for Government

It facilitates the processes, follow-ups and evaluations of the organization and the areas of human talent.

Gestion de reconocimiento economicos

Economic recognition management

Increase your income by recovering the money from your collaborators’ incapacities and licenses.

imagen Nómina Lite

SME Payroll

Automate the management of your team according to your needs.

We are a team

Teamwork is one of our main strategies. We are convinced that collective power is the essential tool to generate innovative solutions. As a business group, we join forces with large companies that today are our technological, creative and financial allies.

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Cloud Computing


Human Resources


Technology and Consulting


Social Security contributions


CRM – Sales Cloud – Service Cloud – Analytics


Database Engine – Cloud Computing


Colombian Federation of Human Management


CRM – ERP – SRM – Data Processing

We are Management

We believe in technology as a tool for transforming work environments. We create spaces and opportunities that provide better conditions for employees.


customers who use our software solutions.

Public and Private Sector

+300 thousand

procedures handled per month.

Public sector

+250 thousand

thousand collaborators interacting

Private sector

Our history

Since the creation of the first systems for processing payroll payments and accounting processes… more than 40 years ago, Heinsohn has continued to expand its portfolio of services, always at the forefront of technology and close to the new challenges facing our customers. .

About us?

We are a community of analysts, engineers, entrepreneurs, students, professors, and more. Our shared values and beliefs influence the work we do, and the impact we hope to make.

How we work?

As specialists in payment processes, personnel administration and human talent management, we remain focused on achieving operational efficiency in your organization, continuously measuring the positive impacts we achieve with each service provided. We continually seek to work hand in hand with our clients, understanding their needs and challenges, to finally devise the best solution offer.

We are passionate about what we do, that is why we try to maintain a learning spirit, we relate to actors who add value to what we do and help us to learn more about our business.


Be your ally in:

  • Transform organizational strategies into reality.
  • Engage employees and boost their performance.
  • Generate wellness experiences for employees.
  • Create value and make a difference.


To be recognized as the best alternative in solutions for Payroll Management and Labor Relations, Consulting in Human Resources Technology and Human Management and our capacity for innovation.


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ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate

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What our clients say

Lina Murcia
Lina Murcia
Yazaki Ciemel
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"Heinsohn is more than a software, it is an ally for us."
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Blue Porto Clinic
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"Without a doubt they have provided quality work that has helped achieve the objectives of our area."
Ronald Duran Gaona
Ronald Duran Gaona
Solidarity Insurance
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“Heinsohn is a very reliable system that streamlined our payroll processes and provides us with timely support service.”
Ana Leidy Argus
Ana Leidy Argus
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"With Heinsohn the processes are automated to have clear, true and timely information to guide and grow the company."

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