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Did you know that companies lose around 10% of income due to leaves and disabilities? Get them back with us!

100% WEB solution.

Recover your employees’ disability and leave money.

We manage for you.

With health care providers (EPS) and ARLs.

Monitor in real time.

We have a 100% online tool, where you can visualize our management.

We have a 100% online tool:

You will be able to visualize our management in real time.




Quarterly portfolio


Localization and electronic invoicing

Logistics and inventories

Portfolio by entity

Treasury (bank management)

Recognition by entity

What our clients say

Lina Murcia
Lina Murcia
Yazaki Ciemel
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"Heinsohn is more than a software, it is an ally for us."
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Blue Porto Clinic
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"Without a doubt they have provided quality work that has helped achieve the objectives of our area."
Ronald Duran Gaona
Ronald Duran Gaona
Solidarity Insurance
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“Heinsohn is a very reliable system that streamlined our payroll processes and provides us with timely support service.”
Ana Leidy Argus
Ana Leidy Argus
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"With Heinsohn the processes are automated to have clear, true and timely information to guide and grow the company."

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