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This tool allows the control of the plant of the entities, facilitates restructuring processes, and has all the regulations applicable to the payroll of the public sector, avoiding legal risks.

Experts in the government sector.

Have the peace of mind and security of complying with all the legal guidelines for the correct payment of your entity’s payroll, complying with third parties and officials, in addition to providing easy access to employees and to documents and information, which are normally required through the self-management portal.

The system has the following modules:

Organizational Structure


Positions, profiles and functions

Organizational chart of positions


Welfare and benefits

News and administrative situations


Generation of administrative acts

Occupational health and safety

These human talent modules are integrated, so that each process is fed from the system simultaneously with its developed updates, allowing you to:

Easily perform payroll settlement for retroactive salary payments for several months and in a clean way.

Facilitate the verification of compliance with the requirements to fill a position, assign a technical bonus, an assignment, among others.

Manage the vacancy plan, to ensure the proper administration of the plant with the different types of job provision, and their titles.

What our clients say about us

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“The payroll project at the ITRC Agency has not only become a strategic ally for the continuous improvement of human talent management, which has resulted in the optimization of workloads and resources, by systematizing processes and personnel management procedures.
Claudia Rodriguez
Claudia Rodriguez
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"It has been spectacular the service provided by Heinsohn, the technical and human team has been satisfactory and professional with a lot of disposition, congratulations! Please continue with your good service and attention".
Erika Lozano
Erika Lozano
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During this time of preventive isolation, the support and advice of HGS professionals has been timely, efficient and effective. We highlight the willingness of HGS staff to provide a prompt response and solution to the requirements and incidents that arise during the implementation and commissioning of new tools allowing us to provide a better service to our servers". "Congratulations to the team and Heinsohn for always having timely response to requirements and concerns. Thank you for all the support provided."

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