Our software specializes in the administration, control and management of all processes related to the management of pensions and severance pay . It simplifies the operational processes in the management of payments, valuations, links, among others. This allows your company to reduce costs and quickly access information, through a widely customizable tool.Leave us your information and receive a free consultation!Scalable technology according to the growth of your business Timely and reliable informationReduction of operating and technical costs Automation of massive processesOur voluntary pension management software will allow you to offer and control different savings alternatives for your members. It facilitates the creation of new products according to the investment portfolios that your company decides to manage. In addition, it has extensive management of institutional funds.

Through the administration of mandatory pensions you will be able to simplify and efficiently manage the essential and mandatory processes related to the pension contributions of your affiliates generated by the employer. Our solution is modular, which will allow you to focus on solving only those processes that you need.Manages the annual severance payment made to the employee according to their accumulated severance contributions or contributions made by independent affiliates. Allows management of Law 50 system layoffs and retroactive system.