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Apoteosys is the ERP business software that allows you to have control of the budget management of the different projects carried out by your entity.

It is an administrative and financial solution, robust and highly parameterizable.

Mainly designed for service companies in the public, financial, health and other sectors.
With this ERP you can:

Control the people who access the information.

Integrate the system with the core business applications.

Carry out unique transactions auditable by the user profile.

Achieve the adaptation of the system to different operating processes.

Management of accounting, treasury, private budget, fixed assets, contracts and security and inventories.

Management of purchases and supplies, sales management and service billing.

why choose Apotheosis?

Other products that you could integrate

Cards Adobe Commerce Gestion Empresarial Heinsohn

Adobe Ecommerce

Control the e-commerce processes: sales, data analysis, content creation and more.

Cards SAP Business One Gestion Empresarial Heinsohn

SAP BusinessOne

The ERP software solution developed primarily for medium and small businesses.

Cards Heinsohn Lite Gestion Empresarial Heinsohn

Heinsohn Lite SAP

A simpler version of SAP Business One for small and medium businesses.

Known Apotheosys

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What our clients say

Lina Murcia
Lina Murcia
Yazaki Ciemel
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"Heinsohn is more than a software, it is an ally for us."
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Blue Porto Clinic
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"Without a doubt they have provided quality work that has helped achieve the objectives of our area."
Ronald Duran Gaona
Ronald Duran Gaona
Solidarity Insurance
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“Heinsohn is a very reliable system that streamlined our payroll processes and provides us with timely support service.”
Ana Leidy Argus
Ana Leidy Argus
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"With Heinsohn the processes are automated to have clear, true and timely information to guide and grow the company."


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