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SAP Business One, is a ERP software solution developed primarily for large, medium and small businesses. This ERP integrates all the operational and administrative areas of the business to meet your essential business needs from accounting and finance to logistics, inventories, manufacturing, sales CRM, service CRM and projects.

The only tool on the market that allows you to grow at the pace of your needs, acquire it in the cloud and/or by purchasing licenses.

Users run end-to-end business on a single platform.

Save time and money by optimizing various processes in your company.

Intuitive and easy
to adapt for employees.

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Flexibility to manage it from a mobile device.

Reduce costs and optimize your processes.

Quick configuration and implementation.

An ERP with high information security.

Acquire it by purchasing perpetual licenses, managed in the cloud (PAAS) or in software as a service (SAAS) mode.

Access your business information in real time, facilitating decision making.

Different solutions for different needs

We have specialized solutions for different industries in the market.

Wholesale trade

Retail sales and points of sale

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Imports and exports

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Food, oils, meat and dairy products

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Agribusiness, fish farming, reforestation and livestock

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Fashion, footwear and clothing

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Freight Transportation (bulk, liquids, etc)

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Sale and/or rental of equipment

Pharmaceutical, chemical and cleaning

Professional services

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Do you need a lighter and easier to implement solution?

We present Heinsohn Lite, a simpler version of SAP Business One that will allow you to address your business processes first-hand. It is developed for smaller businesses that require rapid implementation at a low cost, with the ability to grow as your business does.

Complement your SAP Business One with our solutions

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Payroll Software

100% web solution for the settlement of your employees’ payroll , with multiple accounting interfaces to any ERP, Endorsed by UGPP, Vacation module, Cost distribution, Alert generation, Power BI dashboards and Self-management for employees in portals and mobile applications.

Cards Pensiones Voluntarias Gestion Finaciero y Pensiones

Human Management Software

A modern 100% web solution that allows you to fully manage your organization’s human resources.
It facilitates the management of people and their processes at every step within the company. It automates the management of human talent and allows the system to be highly adapted to different operational and strategic processes in the Human Resources area.

Features Heinsohn Payroll

Business Intelligence BI with interactive dashboards to visualize: vacation liabilities, absenteeism, plant and staff turnover, level of studies and reasons for retirement. Control of the organizational structure graphically and in real time, facilitating the timely identification of vacancies.

Automation of employment contracts and visibility over all disciplinary processes.

Centralization of the information of employees, contractors and applicants with general, academic, labor and family data.

Access to virtual self-management portals between employees and area leaders for procedures, consultations, evaluation and process management.

Acquisition modalities: Licensing in perpetuity or for a fixed term, outsourcing and SaaS.

Covers the entire life cycle of the collaborator

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Other products that might interest you

Cards Adobe Commerce Gestion Empresarial Heinsohn

Adobe Ecommerce

Control the e-commerce processes: sales, data analysis, content creation and more.

Cards Heinsohn Lite Gestion Empresarial Heinsohn

Heinsohn Lite SAP

A simpler version of SAP Business One for small and medium businesses.

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Development of custom software

We develop according to your needs with state-of-the-art technologies.

SAP academy Gold partner

Academy SAP

Learn and get certified with a SAP Business One Gold Partner. Through our SAP Academy you will be able to learn about the best practices with the #1 ERP in the world, improving your efficiency and productivity.

What our clients say

Diana Aristizabal
Diana Aristizabal
Administrative director
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“For Sary SAS, a good backup makes everything work. And in that sense. Heinsohn is an ally in the future, as well as the SAP tool. ”
Laura Andrea Gomez
Laura Andrea Gomez
project engineer
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“SAP Business One makes the user's thinking better and better, that people question themselves and go further and further. Heinsohn has become the best ally during this process of change and efficiency.”
Louis Ferdinand Herrera
Louis Ferdinand Herrera
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“Notably improved the level of competitiveness: logistics of the organization and this is reflected in the satisfaction of the final customer. Choosing SAP Business One with Heinsohn was the right decision, the right one.”
Juan Manuel Mejia
Juan Manuel Mejia
Project director
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“We decided to make the switch to SAP Business One a year ago to modernize ourselves. Previously, we had no customizations. Today we have more friendly information, traceability, control, veracity in our reports, which translates into correct decisions and, best of all, we are making developments for new business units”.


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