Financial sector
and pensions

software solutions for administration

mandatory, voluntary and severance pensions; investment portfolio management, market risk management and investment funds.

Card Inversiones y riesgos Heinsohn

Investments and risks

Investment management software allows you to control, monitor the risks and processes of investment portfolios.

Cards Credito y libranza Gestion Finaciero y Pensiones

Credit and draft

Manage the credits , controlling the debt of your clients in an easy-to-navigate tool.

Cards Pensiones Voluntarias Gestion Finaciero y Pensiones

Voluntary Pensions

Software specialized in the administration and control of different savings alternatives for your affiliates .

Cards Pensiones Obligatorias Gestion Finaciero y Pensiones

Compulsory Pensions

Software specialized in the administration, control and management of processes related to pension fund management .

Cards Cesantias Gestion Finaciero y Pensiones


Software specialized in the administration, control and management of processes related to the management of pensions and severance pay.

Cards Fondos de Inversion Gestion Finaciero y Pensiones

Investment fund

With this solution you will be able to have control of the affiliates , to the investment funds managed by your company.


We have been certified nationally and internationally for the quality and service we offer with each of our products.

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What our clients say

Lina Murcia
Lina Murcia
Yazaki Ciemel
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"Heinsohn is more than a software, it is an ally for us."
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Blue Porto Clinic
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"Without a doubt they have provided quality work that has helped achieve the objectives of our area."
Ronald Duran Gaona
Ronald Duran Gaona
Solidarity Insurance
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“Heinsohn is a very reliable system that streamlined our payroll processes and provides us with timely support service.”
Ana Leidy Argus
Ana Leidy Argus
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"With Heinsohn the processes are automated to have clear, true and timely information to guide and grow the company."


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