Investments and Risks

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With our Investment Portfolio Management Software , you will be able to efficiently control and manage the processes , identifying and managing the risks involved in managing your company’s portfolios.

Effectively manage and integrate your investment portfolios.

It allows to have integrated control, managing with the highest standards of valuation, accounting and control of investments.

Integrated management of the entire investment cycle.

Grupo 6847

Highly parameterizable and integrable.

Effectively controls investment policies.

It adapts to the methodologies applied by current national and international regulations.

We accompany them in the sizing and coupling of the size of the solution.

It is a multi-currency, multi-portfolio and multi-business system.

Identifies, controls and monitors the associated risks to the management of your company's investment portfolios.

We have specialized technological solutions in the control and monitoring of the different types of risk, which allow us to generate legal reports according to the type of associated risk.
Learn about the following risk modules:

It allows calculating and analyzing the value at risk of investment portfolios.

It allows to monitor and control the quota allocation management of the issuer and counterparty.

Effectively identify, measure, control and monitor value and gaps in liquidity risk (LaR).

Identifies, manages, assesses, controls and monitors the different operational risks to which organizations are exposed.

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Lina Murcia
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Ana Leidy Argus
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