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With our tool, you comprehensively automate the implementation, maintenance and control of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Help risks and dangers

With the identification and analysis, assess each of the dangers and risks present.

100% web environment

Managing it from virtuality, it will help you care for and protect the health of workers.

resolve emergencies

Preparing a prevention and action plan for potential emergencies.

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security software and health at work

It is a comprehensive solution that allows the implementation, maintenance and control of the occupational health and safety management system, in accordance with the regulations in force in Colombia (Resolution 0312 of 2019 and Decree 1072 of 2015), managing it from a 100% environment. Web.


Facilitate compliance with the PHVA cycle (Plan, Do, Check and Act) in accordance with regulations.

Facilitate PPE management: allocation and inventory control.

Manage the different committees of the SG-SST such as: COPASST, coexistence committee, brigades and road safety committee.

Generate grade indicators that the system requires

Create and execute the internal and external audit plan

Manage the GTC 45 hazard matrix

Monitoring and control of occupational accidents

Manage the occupational safety and health resume for employees and contractors, delivery of personal protection elements, follow-up of occupational exams, illness follow-up, absenteeism news and document management.

These modules of human talent are integrated, making each process feed from the system simultaneously, with its developed updates it allows:

Manage linking processes to ensure compliance with the requirements when hiring staff for the entity.

It generates social welfare programs and incentives for the development of the human talent operations of each entity.

It guarantees and contains the current plant, plant layout, functions manual and collaborators’ resumes.

What our clients say

Lina Murcia
Lina Murcia
Yazaki Ciemel
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"Heinsohn is more than a software, it is an ally for us."
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Excel de Jesus Puerta Polo
Blue Porto Clinic
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"Without a doubt they have provided quality work that has helped achieve the objectives of our area."
Ronald Duran Gaona
Ronald Duran Gaona
Solidarity Insurance
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“Heinsohn is a very reliable system that streamlined our payroll processes and provides us with timely support service.”
Ana Leidy Argus
Ana Leidy Argus
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"With Heinsohn the processes are automated to have clear, true and timely information to guide and grow the company."

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