With Heinsohn SST you will be able to fully automate the implementation, maintenance and control of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, in accordance with the regulations in force in Colombia (Resolution 0312 of 2019 and Decree 1072 of 2015), managing it from an environment 100% web. Improve the work environment and well-being, reduce accident rates and illnesses in your Collaborators.

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Facilitate compliance with the PHVA cycle (Plan, Do, Check and Act) in accordance with regulations. Manage the different SG-SST committees such as: COPASST, coexistence committee, brigades and road safety committee. Create and execute the internal and external audit plan. Manage the GTC 45 hazard matrix.Facilitate PPE management: allocation and inventory control.Monitoring and control of occupational accidents.Generate grade indicators that the system requires.Manage the Occupational Health and Safety resume for employees and contractors: delivery of personal protection elements, follow-up of occupational exams, follow-up of illnesses, absenteeism news and document management.