A modern solution that allows you to comprehensively manage your organization’s human resources. It facilitates the management of people and their processes at every step within the company.​It automates the management of human talent and allows the system to be highly adapted to different operational and strategic processes in the Human Resources area.Business Intelligence BI with interactive dashboards to visualize: vacation liabilities, absenteeism, plant and staff turnover, level of studies and reasons for retirement.Automation of employment contracts and visibility over all disciplinary processes.Access to self-management virtual portals between employees and area leaders for procedures, consultations, evaluation and process management.Control of the organizational structure graphically and in real time, facilitating the timely identification of vacancies. Centralization of the information of employees, contractors and applicants with general, academic, labor and family data. Acquisition modalities: Licensing in perpetuity or for a fixed term, outsourcing and SaaS.Do you want to know how we can help you boost your business? Leave us your information and a consultant will contact you.