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Outsource your payroll, human management and personnel administration processes; complying with electronic payroll in Colombia.


Experts in Payroll

They will help you facilitate and manage your processes with excellent service and continuous support.

We use our tool as a sign of versatility and adaptation to the needs of each company, with no limit on the number of employees, branches and types of payroll they handle.

Periodic payroll settlement

legal and extralegal benefits and social security.

Special processes:

Layoffs to funds, recalculation of withholding at the source, magnetic means and certificates of income and withholdings.

Accounting interface generation

standard or developed according to customer requirements.

Generation of vouchers, reports and reports.

Calculation of consolidated and provisions for social benefits.


Preparation of APV, AFC, third party forms and load of PILA.

No matter the size of your business, we've got you covered with our Lite Payroll Outsourcing.

All the knowledge, experience and support of Heinsohn in a simplified and intelligent payroll and human management alternative. Ideal for SMEs!

Known Payroll outsourcing

What our clients say

Glizeth Finch
Glizeth Finch
Brightstar Serving Wireles
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“I want to express my gratitude to Heinsohn for giving his best every day and for allowing us to learn from you. In addition to having excellent professionals, they are excellent human beings, willing to accompany us even from a distance”.
Adelaide Olaya
Adelaide Olaya
ClinicPosse Herrera Ruizica Porto Azul
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“CONGRATULATIONS Heinsohn and the Payroll Outsourcing team because they have been very committed to the company, they have always helped from the highest to the lowest, continue like this”.

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