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With Heinsohn payroll you will find a strategic solution that provides compliance to electronic payroll against the DIAN.

avoid mistakes by manual processes

With our extensively parameterizable, dynamic and flexible comprehensive system. It is a tool with 100% web technology, which offers an easy, fast and secure payroll process. Effective for both the private sector and the public sector, complying with Colombian legislation (UGPP).


100% WEB Solution

accounting interface

endorsed by the UGPP

holiday module

Distribution of costs

Self-management for collaborators

Generation of alerts

Information in Power BI dashboards

+40 years

of experience in payroll solutions

we comply with electronic payroll

+500 clients

They use our software payroll

Educational Payroll

Educational Payroll

Heinsohn education payroll is a tailor-made software solution for educational entities, which simplifies and makes their payroll processes more efficient. You will be able to handle:

  • Hiring and massive refunds.
  • Control of academic calendars by payroll.
  • Administration of career ladders and salary ranges.
  • Vacations and social benefits for academic calendars.
  • Payment of contributions to social security during school breaks.
  • Payroll by days and hours for professors.

What our clients say

Gustavo Alberto Gaviria Alvarez
Gustavo Alberto Gaviria Alvarez
Head of National Payroll, COORDINATOR.
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“Certifies, That the company HEINSOHN, has been our payroll software provider company for more than 20 years and we have completed the implementation of the Heinsohn payroll, as software providers we have had the confidence that the software complies with all legal and own regulations. of the company. Currently, due to the commitment and satisfaction with their products and as suppliers, the implementation of the Human Management software is being advanced”.
Enrique Velandia
Enrique Velandia
San Jose Hospital
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“CONGRATULATIONS to Heinsohn for the quality of their services, he is very happy with the product and with the consultants who assist him”.
Enrique Velandia
Enrique Velandia
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“It stands out for its high commitment to the implementation of the Heinsohn web payroll for Alimentos Enriko SAS. Apart from their technical knowledge of the staff and knowledge of the tool, they advised us on payroll and accounting issues that made the process more enriching. The live output was very challenging because it occurred in the emergency period due to COVID 19, making us have to work overtime and put in more of our effort, however, with Yenny's company, everything became more bearable since working as a team we got forward the project”.

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